How To Gain Weight Fast Naturally?

Gaining weight is become a problem nowadays

Gaining weight and fattening the thin body has also become a big problem nowadays. This is the complaint of people who are gaining weight that they are not gaining weight despite eating all the things that gain weight and despite using many types of medicine. Often not gaining weight due to weakness of digestive system and not digesting anything properly. Apart from this, some people are not able to eat more despite eating more. Because they feel very less hungry. All of you are well aware of this. High carbohydrates and high protein are the two nutrients that play the main role in gaining weight and fattening our body.




How we gain weight from natural sources?

Boiled Potatoes

 Boiled potatoes prove to be very effective for rapid weight gain. Because potato is also considered a power house of carbohydrates. Those who are able to make the weak body fat in a natural and natural way. At the same time, they also remove physical weakness. For this, you should boil two to three potatoes daily and add them to your diet. The way you will eat potatoes every day, your weight will also increase day by day. And the thin body will also start filling up easily.



Chia seeds

Chia seeds are beneficial in balancing body weight by reducing excess fat. Similarly, chia seeds are very useful in making a weak and thin body healthy. For this, soak a spoon or seeds in a glass of water for three to four hours. After that, add it to the banana shake and drink it. Adding it to banana gives you double benefits. With its use, not only your weight will increase, but physical weakness will also disappear completely. And your body will be energized throughout the day.


Sago seeds 

Sago seeds has proved to be a successful home remedy in making the weak and thin body fat. Because if sabudana pudding is made daily and eaten twice a day, then the body gets both proteins and carbohydrates in abundance. If you include sabudana kheer in your daily diet, you will notice clear changes in your body within a week with its continuous use. And by using it continuously for a month, you can easily gain about ten to twelve kilos.Along with its use, your brain gets strength and blood production also increases. Because when your weight is very low. So, along with anemia, mental weakness also increases. That’s why you can get rid of all these problems by eating its pudding daily.




 Fig is the only dry fruit which if eaten properly during weight gain, it can not only increase the weight. Rather, they can be protected from many types of diseases. For this, soak three to four fig slices in half a glass of water in a clay pot overnight. And in the morning put both the soaked figs and the water in which they were soaked in the blender. After that, mix them well and prepare their shake. And drink it every morning on an empty stomach. By using it, your weight will increase rapidly. And you can easily get rid of many dangerous diseases apart from digestive system weakness, mental weakness and physical weakness.




Milk and yogurt

Apart from this, milk and yogurt are two such things. The use of which is not only necessary for our healthy life, but during weight gain, you must include a glass of milk and a cup of curd in your diet. If you include two or three of these mentioned recipes in your diet and also do a little exercise, you can easily gain ten to twelve kilos within a month and that too naturally. method without any side effect