How To Cleanse And Detox Kidneys Naturally?

Kidneys perform blood purification in our body

Kidneys perform blood purification in our body. Just like the water purifier does. Our kidneys have fine tubes called nephrons to clean the blood. Due to the increase in the amount of toxic toxins in our kidneys over time, they also affect our skin, hair and other internal parts of the body. In cases, kidney damage can lead to UTI, urinary tract infection, and sexual weakness. People who eat junk food and use fried foods or packaged foods, The chances of kidney failure are high



The factors that affect our kidney

Bad lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, eating too much hot and spicy things, eating too many sweet things can also damage the kidneys, in addition to those who use any kind of medicine daily or consume too much protein. Ignoring the health of the kidneys for a long time can lead to many types of kidney related diseases such as kidney stones. Kidney problems and serious diseases such as kidney disease or kidney failure are spreading rapidly today due to the negligence of kidney health. If one does not eat much junk food and always stays away from dangerous things like alcohol, then the chances of the kidneys of a person who eats simple home food are also very high over time, that’s why they clean the kidneys from time to time. It is very important to stay healthy so that we can live longer and avoid diseases



How To Cleanse And Detox Kidneys Naturally

CornĀ silk

Usually, you must have seen that whenever we buy corn, we throw away the husks or its thin fibers, but these hairs of corn have amazing medical properties, they are used for bladder and It is also used to cure urinary track infection, kidney stone diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Corn silk is high in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Which are beneficial in keeping the increased blood sugar level under control along with blood purification. Drinking corn silk tea for cleaning the kidney is very beneficial. For this, first of all, you should dry corn silk i.e. bee hair at home.After drying, their color will be light brown. After that, put about fifty corn silk in two glasses of water and boil covered for ten to fifteen minutes. And filter it and fill it in any glass or plastic bottle. Consume this prepared drink twice a day thirty minutes after meals. This process can be repeated once to twice in a month or after fifteen to twenty days to get good benefits. This drink made from corn silk is considered to be the most beneficial for kidney cleansing. On the day you use this drink, your frequency of urination will increase a little more than before. That this is also a part of the kidney detox process and with its first use you will definitely feel lightness in your body



Watermelon seeds

Watermelon seed tea is also considered to be the most beneficial for kidney cleansing. You can use dry or fresh seeds to make it. For this, you can grind two tablespoons of watermelon seeds. Make a fine powder of it, then add prepared watermelon seed powder to two glasses of water and boil it for five minutes. After it cools down, filter it and use it two to three times a day. It is high in magnesium and zinc. People who complain of excessive fatigue, anemia and weakness should also include them in their diet. Along with cleaning the kidney, this drink made from watermelon seeds can reduce diabetes cholesterol and improve heart health. And it is considered to be more beneficial in removing sexual weakness in men. This drink can be used once or twice a week.



Radish and its leaves

Radish and its leaves are also very beneficial in cleansing the kidneys of toxins. Usually we ignore radish leaves as they are common. But they have more useful benefits than radish. Apart from being a very good detox agent, radish leaves are also considered very effective in diseases like piles and jaundice. By making juice of radish leaves and drinking it at least twice a week, our kidneys start to get completely clean gradually.And they start working better than before. All the remedies mentioned for cleaning the kidney are safe, but women who are pregnant or one year after delivery should avoid these remedies. Until then, you should also avoid bad habits such as junk food, smoking, hot things and drinking