How To Increase Brain Power?

Weakening of memory 

Weakening of memory is a very common problem with increasing age. Consuming good food is very important for both our health and our brain because our brain controls all the functions of our body. Due to increasing stress, due to lack of sleep, lack of nutrients and vitamins, and due to excessive use of medicines, our brain starts to weaken.



We Increase Brain Power by using these things


Walnuts increase your brain speed and thinking power. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids protect your brain as well as protect it from dangerous diseases. It improves the flow of blood inside the blood vessels in the brain and the vitamin B6 and magnesium in them keep your brain healthy. You can keep your brain healthy by using two to three walnuts in your daily diet. You can soak walnuts in water at night and use them the next morning. By using them continuously for a few days, you will be able to get rid of your mental weakness in a short time and using them continuously will make you a Do this continuously for a month



Coconut oil

It is very important in keeping your brain healthy, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it accelerates the activity of brain cells and provides cooling to your brain as well as protects the brain from damage. You should massage your hair with coconut oil once or twice a week. Its continuous use will keep your brain healthy and your thinking ability will also increase.



Green tea

Green tea latest study has revealed that green tea is very useful for the proper functioning of your brain, it has the ability to reduce stress and mental pressure and the compounds in it concentration and are also helpful in repairing weakened brain cells, so you must consume one to two cups of green tea daily, it will help you keep your brain healthy and improve your memory. Help will come




Extra version olive oil

Olive oil contains antioxidants and polyphenyl, which are very beneficial for a healthy brain. Massage your hair once to twice a week, it will keep your hair healthy as well as your brain.



Green vegetables

 Green vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are very useful for increasing brain power and brain functions, so you can use green vegetables in the form of salad and keep your brain healthy. Green vegetables are also rich in vitamin A and potassium, both minerals that play an important role in keeping your brain healthy.




 The anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants in Klonji accelerate the activity of neurons in your brain and the use of Klonji to provide strength to the brain and prevent mental diseases is very significant, so you can take half a spoon of Klonji daily. Mix it with a spoon and use it every night before going to bed or in the morning on an empty stomach. By using it continuously for a few weeks, you will see good results and your mind will also be right. If you want to remove your mental weakness and keep your brain healthy, then you can keep your brain healthy by using these foods.