How We Should Drink Milk and which Time Is Best?

Importance of milk

Milk is one of the most important foods in the life of every human being, because at the time of birth, the first thing that goes into our body in the form of food is milk, which is necessary to maintain a healthy body and especially It is considered very important for its growth and it is basically an animal product and all the things that we get from living animals are essential for our healthy body including minor acids, enzymes and hormones. Good quantity is available so it is important to use such things on time because if they are careless in using them, they can prove to be dangerous for us. Because especially things that we get from animals, if we don’t use them properly, we have to face problems immediately after the chemical traction in our stomach, but milk is the only such food. The essential nutrients from which we can’t get from any other food, that’s why people who don’t use milk in their diet also have to face health related problems, the effect of which is especially It is seen only after the age of one year



We can’t drink milk after eating these things


You all are well aware that consuming milk immediately after eating fish also increases the chances of developing leukoderma disease. Because if you drink milk before or after eating fish, it causes various spots not only on the skin due to the chemical reaction in the body. Rather, this skin infection and many types of skin-related problems also increase. Because fish contains high amounts of enzymes along with proteins and minuses which react with bacteria and prove to be dangerous for our health.



After eating meal

Milk can be dangerous for us immediately after eating because milk is considered as heavy and strong food which takes a long time to digest and if milk is consumed immediately after eating. This slows down the process of digesting food in our stomach, so consume milk only about one to two hours after eating.




Whenever a small amount of curd is added to milk, the whole milk is converted into curd mainly due to the bacteria found in the curd and if milk is consumed immediately after eating curd, this process of making curd It starts in your stomach. As a result of which, along with the malfunction in our digestive system, gas in the stomach increases and various diseases also occur.




If you consume raw onions with your meal, do not consume milk immediately after, as the compounds in the milk react with the enzymes in the onion. Not only does our digestive system become weak, but problems related to the intestines also increase, so do not consume milk immediately after eating onions, but you must keep a gap of one and a half to two hours between food and milk.


At what time we drink milk

It is considered best to have milk at night because the amino acids found in milk are more effective especially during sleep at night because during this time the speed of digesting things also doubles and such. People who have the problem of not digesting milk can boil milk and add one to one and a half spoons of honey to it and use it. will start happening and in milk if you use cow’s milk, it is more than buffalo’s milk and it is also very effective in curing our stomach disorders and especially for men. Colostrum is believed to increase sperm count rapidly