Percentage of kidney problem in different peoples


Losing body weight and increased belly fat has become a very difficult task nowadays, according to a study conducted in 2006, the number of overweight people in the world is more than that of underweight people. It has increased more and even today it is slowly increasing. When excess fat accumulates in our body. So, due to this, we are at risk of many types of diseases. Most of these diseases we do not know and they continue to grow inside our body. From which one day they suddenly come out. Until about seventy to eighty years ago, the consumption of sugar was very little. People who are overweight have eighty-six percent more chance of developing kidney diseases than other people, in addition to type two diabetes, joint pain and high blood pressure or knee, as well as heart diseases. There is also a high chance of diseases, no matter how dangerous they are, there is a cure for every kind of problem.


Drink which helpful for us against kidney problems

Lemon peels, turmeric, cloves, lentils, sugar, cardamom, and pink salt may sound strange, but if they are used in the right way and at the right time, even these common things will give us great results. You can find the benefits of pink raw salt, that is, pink salt is ten times better than normal salt because it contains more than eighty minerals that bring about a change in our body and cure many types of diseases. It is also used for Pink salt is very beneficial for toning the body and getting rid of stubborn fat. You can easily get pink salt from any super market. You can also use black salt, but if you use salt, this recipe will be more effective



Method of making drink

Among all the ingredients used in making this drink, lemon peels, sugar and turmeric are the most useful. To make this drink, first wash two to three lemons well and remove their peels and separate them. I don’t have to use golwali which is the native dal sugar and also you don’t use a mixer to make it fine. When it is slightly warm, open two to three cardamoms and add them along with the peels After that, put two to three lemon peels and two cloves in it and keep it covered for three minutes and let the gas run on low heat. Add a pinch of pink salt and keep it covered for four to five minutes on low flame. It is very important to keep it covered while making it. Because all the useful benefits in it get out through the steam. After five to six minutes, switch off the gas. And use it after it is left slightly warm. It is very important to use this drink at the right time for good results. In this we have used cinnamon and cloves. Dal sugar is considered to be the best of all antioxidants found in the world. The use of dal sugar removes the frozen water in the body. And at the same time, fat deposits and increased sugar level due to sweet food are also improved. Along with this, cloves and turmeric help to improve our metabolism. Which slows down the rate of fat formation in our body.



Drink prepared drink daily after eating food

Use this prepared drink daily one hour after eating food or half an hour before going to bed at night, but do not use this drink on an empty stomach. So if you have acidity problem or your body is hot then you should also use one spoon of fennel in this drink. You will find that this drink is most beneficial in detoxifying the body.