How To Gain Weight Fast & Naturally?

How do we gain weight naturally?

Just like being overweight, being too thin and weak is a big problem in today’s lifestyle, many people are very thin who want to increase their weight and gain weight in a healthy way. There is a habit that they try to gain weight by using junk food. In this way, their weight increases. But they also cause many diseases. In this way, excess fat accumulates on your stomach and body. And many types of diseases related to the stomach are also born. For a healthy life your weight should be moderate. Not too weak and not too much that you become obese.



By following a proper diet

For this you can increase your weight by following a proper diet. And can remove your physical weakness. Some people also use many types of medicine to increase their weight and make themselves fat. Also have to face




Carbohydrates are present in rich quantity inside, which is useful in increasing your weight, so you should soak five to six fig slices in a glass of water at night .Use them continuously for a month and you will see amazing results in your weight




Bananas provide you with instant energy and the minerals in them eliminate the weakness you develop. And also eliminate many types of diseases from your body. For this, you should use two to three nails in your breakfast every day. You should use them continuously for a month. By using them continuously, you will be able to see a clear change in your body.



Effective shake for weight gain

 Apart from eating bananas, you can also use it by making a shake. This will help you gain weight faster. For this, you will need two spoons of raisins, a glass of milk and two to three cloves. First, cut two cloves and put them in a glass of milk, then put the raisins in it and blend them in a blender. Use this shake once a day. By using it continuously, you will be able to increase your weight easily within a month.And will also be able to remove physical weakness. Also, if you use this shake two to three cardamoms, you will get more good benefits because cardamom accelerates your digestion, so that you can get from this shake. All these minerals will work well in your body




Butter contains saturated fat which helps you gain weight naturally. The nutrients in it increase the lubrication in your body which also gives you relief from joint pain. Therefore, if you mix butter with honey in the morning breakfast, then this mixture will be useful in increasing your weight quickly. You should use these two things continuously for one month, by using them continuously, you will easily increase your weight within one month and get rid of your weak body.





 High consumption of beans or pulses is very useful for increasing your weight, they are rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates. That’s why you can use beans or pulses etc. at any time of the day. And you can increase your weight by using beans in the form of salad. Along with using these foods, you must also adopt a habit that you must exercise daily. Because along with following this diet plan, if you also adopt the habit of exercise All the minerals obtained from these foods meet well in all the parts of your body due to which your weight increases rapidly and your overall body also remains by adopting this habit and this diet plan. By following this you will easily see the amazing result in your weight within a month