How To Treat High Blood Pressure And Hypertension?

About high blood pressure in today’s era.

High blood pressure and hypertension are the fastest growing diseases in today’s era. It spreads like a silent color in our body and most people do not know about its initial stage. And with time this disease makes our body hollow from inside. In our work-filled life, due to overwork, lack of rest and increase in depression stress, the speed of blood in the blood vessels increases. Which is the main cause of hypertension.



What is high blood pressure ?

Whenever our heart pumps blood faster than the normal routine, in such a case, a pressure is created in the blood vessels which is called high blood pressure. High blood pressure is not only a dangerous disease in itself. Rather, it affects our heart, brain, kidneys and other organs of the body. And this increases the chances of having a heart attack. That’s why it is important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure in the initial stage instead of ignoring them. Frequent and high blood pressure is also one of the symptoms of high blood pressure



Method of making drink for high blood pressure 

For spinach, lemon key and beat root, you should first put ten to twelve leaves of spinach in the mixer and add a glass of water to it. After that, put four to five slices of beetroot in it and mix them well in the mixer. After that, you can squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it and drink this drink two hours after breakfast.



This drink is more effective than medicine

This drink is more effective than medicine for high blood pressure. If you use it regularly, you can completely get rid of hypertension and high blood pressure. If you do a little bit, you can easily eliminate this problem from the root, for which you need to include some foods in your diet which not only guarantee your health but also prevent high blood pressure. brings salvation.



We must also add these things in our diet


Honey not only works to reduce the pressure generated in your heart, but it also keeps your blood vessels healthy. In high BP you can use it by adding one spoon of honey in a glass of normal water and drinking it. It protects your heart from diseases and is also a natural remedy for hypertension, depression, fatigue and stress.



Coconut water

For people suffering from high blood pressure, it is important to keep their body hydrated and coconut water is one of the best options for this as it especially keeps the systolic blood pressure under control for some time. It has also been revealed from the research that people who keep coconut water as an essential part of their diet have negligible chances of developing this disease in their body and by using it regularly, high blood pressure can be easily cured. P can also be controlled



You know that banana plays an important role in controlling your blood pressure because it is rich in potassium, which works to reduce the fact of increased sodium in your body and people who suffer from hypertension. Those suffering from tension should include two to three bananas in their diet



Orange is a good source of keeping your heart strong and away from diseases related to it. But if it is used regularly. So it keeps the system of essential minerals in the body. And you can also keep your blood pressure under control.



Green tea

The antioxidants found in green tea help you get rid of high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol levels. By which you stay away from heart-related diseases. That is why it is recommended to use one cup of green tea a day especially for high BP patients.



You also need to avoid these things

 You also need to avoid some things, in which you should eat more fried foods and junk food to a minimum, because their high cholesterol increases the chance of developing a heart attack. That’s why you should avoid these mentioned things and by using this drink continuously, you can get rid of high BP completely and also be protected from heart related diseases.