How To Whiten Teeth by homemade toothpaste?

About our teeth

Our teeth are the most important part of our beauty, if they are not taken care of, with the passage of time, yellowness also develops on them, that’s why it is very important to clean the teeth regularly so that your teeth are yellow. Pins could not accumulate and were also protected from the stubborn blackness on the teeth. In most of the teeth, yellowness starts to appear more in places where cleaning is not done well. Even if the teeth are cleaned well, bacteria still remain in our mouth. Every time we eat, food particles remain in our teeth. If they are not cleaned, they cause yellowness in the teeth and not only cavities in the teeth. Rather, dental diseases also begin to increase.



 homemade toothpaste to whiten our teeth

 Coconut oil and basin leaves

Coconut oil helps to clean the teeth. Along with preventing dental diseases, it also relieves you from bad break and it also protects against tooth infection by killing the bacteria accumulated in the gums and basil leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. which are beneficial for dental diseases apart from you, so you should first dry the basil leaves in the sun and make their powder. After that, put a small amount of this powder in coconut oil and make a paste, then apply this paste on your teeth with the help of a brush and clean your teeth well with it. You can do this twice a day. This will help to remove the yellow color on the teeth.



Turmeric and baking soda

Turmeric is also useful for whitening yellow teeth. Apart from this, it also works to stop the bleeding from your gums. And also removes the weakness of the gums. Because it is a very good source of and. Baking soda is one of the effective home remedies to clean teeth. Apart from this, it is also included in dental medicines, it is effective in removing yellow deposits on your teeth as well as cleaning the teeth naturally from the inside. For this, you should put a spoon of turmeric powder in a bowl, then put a spoon of soda in it and make a paste by adding a small amount of water to it, then apply this paste on your teeth with a brush. Apply it will help you to get rid of yellowness on teeth




Home made tooth paste

 If you prepare herbal teeth cleaning at home, it helps to clean your teeth, not only your teeth stay healthy but also reduces the risk of tooth decay. And it can also eliminate the yellowness of the teeth. To make this paste, we will need glue, i.e. cloves, turmeric, peppermint oil, and baking soda. First, put one spoon of clove powder in a bowl, add four spoons of turmeric powder and add one spoon of baking soda to it. About this add eight to ten drops of peppermint oil and add a small amount of water to it and make this paste well. You can also store this paste for two weeks and use it daily. Using this paste continuously for a week helps to remove the stubborn yellowness that accumulates on the teeth. The bacteria that have formed in the teeth also starts to disappear and the bacterial infection in the teeth which is the main cause of developing dental diseases can also be eliminated. In this we have added peppermint oil. Which keeps the teeth healthy apart from killing the bacteria that cause cavities in the teeth. And cloves contain antibacterial and antifungal properties. Which also provides relief in the pain caused by the teeth. And also remove the weakness of your teeth.