Natural Formula For Hair Growth

How did hair fall start?

Whenever the hair starts falling and shedding a lot, in such a condition it seems very difficult to control it because our hair falls so fast that any applied product does not have any effect on it. Most of the people are more worried about this problem because they do not know the reason for hair loss, as a result of which, despite using many effective products, the hair continues to fall out whenever it is related to our health. No disease can be completely cured if we do not know about the root causes that create these problems. For this reason, when the real cause of any disease and problem is known, we avoid such things and also give up such wrong habits, which are the main reason for creating this problem by reforming our habits and By using some effective home remedies we can get rid of hair fall problem completely within seven days and also increase hair length and thickness quickly.



How do we make our hair strong?

And by making some changes in your life routine and using natural products regularly, even completely lost hair can be regrown and the hair weakened to make the hair long, thick and thick. About some of the effective things that can be applied externally, which can be easily made long, thick and thick hair with the use of the same day. Most of the time, due to the lack of essential nutrients and minerals in the body, the hair becomes weak and starts falling out a lot. Because whenever we make our diet unhealthy, it causes our body to lack all the essential ingredients that strengthen hair. Seventy five percent people out of a hundred are like that. Whose hair starts falling due to lack of essential nutrients in the body. And due to the increase in hair diseases, they are fed up and go to the post office, so they also give medicine along with the things that are applied, which make up for the lack of nutrients that make our hair strong. Essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, acids, iron and vitamin B perform important functions for making, but when they are deficient in our body, due to this deficiency, hair starts to fall rapidly and hair is also weak. Increases a lot




By using vegetables and fruitsĀ 

The balance of these nutrients is very high for our body. We should use such vegetables and fruits that will meet this deficiency. Because most people’s ears have become like this in today’s era. They consume fast food and more oily things. Which causes the lack of these compounds in the body. And people who smoke more. And use things like alcohol. So these two things are the ones that work to eliminate everything in our body. Due to which not only the hair grows, but the problem of graying hair at a young age also becomes common.



Lack of sleep and high tension become the reason of hair fall

Apart from this, lack of sleep and high tension and mental stress are also the main causes of hair loss problems. And in women, during pregnancy and after pregnancy, hair starts to fall out a lot. Because during this time all the necessary nutrients in their body are being used in the growth and development of the child.Due to which their hair starts to fall a lot. To get rid of this problem of falling hair and to make the hair long, thick and thick, you should use natural ingredients in your shampoo. Because the natural things added to the shampoo will give you double benefits. And the problem of hair related to them can also be completely relieved. For this, you should add half a teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of amla powder to your shampoo before taking a bath every day, mix them well and apply it on your hair.



Amla powder reduce hair fall

Amla powder is a particularly good source. Which is highly believed to eliminate hair weakness from the root and also to improve the quality of hair. The problem of hair fall can be completely cured inside and its regular use also helps in making the hair long and thick and black as well as to increase the thickness of your hair once a week. Massaging your hair is very important