Best anti-aging drink to rejuvenate age

A remedy that makes us healthy and youthful

As we grow older, these are natural changes that happen in every person’s life, but the thing to consider is that if you change some habits, you will be stronger, healthier. , can look energetic and beautiful, so today we are going to tell you about two such drinks that can help you. You can do age related changes in such a nice way that you will feel healthy and youthful again.



Ingredients we require


Pomegranate bid root and from chia seed

First drink is made with pomegranate. From bid root and from chia seed. Recent scientific studies have revealed that there is a special molecule inside the pomegranate. Which transforms the microbes in your body. And also strengthens your muscle cells and protects them. It also fights against aging and weakness. Pomegranate also contains antioxidants that repair DNA. And seeds contain vitamin C which protects your skin and also protects you from sun rays. Seeds are rich in omega 3 which protects your skin. How can you prepare?



Method of making

For this you take about one cup of seed and take half a cup and blend them both together to make this red color drink and add one spoon of chia seeds in it and your drink is ready. mid morning means take it between breakfast and lunch time.





Ingredients of second drink


 Amla, aloe vera and turmeric

The second drink is made with amla, aloe vera and turmeric. Amla contains antioxidants that remove wrinkles and fine lines and it also removes age related pigmentation. Aloe Vera boosts collagen by improving your digestive system. And improves yours too. The curcumon present in turmeric protects against cell damage and is made from three ingredients For this drink, add thirty ml of amla juice, two spoons of amla powder, thirty ml of aloe vera juice and add half a spoon of turmeric to it and add a glass of water and your drink will be ready. Drink the drink in the morning on an empty stomach and remember that you have to make these drinks fresh all the time and you cannot store them for a long time. You can look more young, beautiful and strong than before