Clean Lungs in With Homemade syrup

Home remedy to clean lungs

You can clean your lungs completely in three days. If you also feel cough and shortness of breath, then this homemade lung cleansing drink is perfect for you. To make it, first you take half a liter of water. Put it inside a pan and now we will add two big spoons of sugar to it. You can use brown sugar or coconut sugar instead. Add this sugar to this water.






We need garlic, for this you will need about two hundred grams of garlic. Garlic is very beneficial for your lungs. It protects you from all types of respiratory infections. Take off its peels and mash it. Garlic is also considered a natural antibiotic. And it is a very good means of cleaning especially a smoker’s  lungs. After that, cut the garlic into very small pieces.




The next ingredient that we need is ginger. For this you need about fifty grams of ginger. Cut the ginger into small pieces. And take off its skins too. Research on ginger has also proven that ginger is very useful for detoxifying the lungs. And for the smoker’s lungs, it is very beneficial. Because it has amazing healing properties. And the anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties in it have the ability to remove the mucus stuck in your lungs. Cut it into small slices.




The next remedy to clean our lungs is turmeric. One spoon is enough to eliminate shortness and breath in turmeric and for that you have to take only one spoon.



Method of preparing and usage

For this, you should boil the water and sugar, when it boils well and the sugar melts, then you have to add the finely chopped garlic to it, then add the mashed garlic to it. Put it and add ginger to it. When it boils well, you have to add it too. After that, mix them well and let it boil for another five minutes. After that leave it to cool. Then you sift it inside any jar. What you need to do next is to take a large sized lemon and cut it into small slices. After that you have to put the lemon slices inside this jar. You can store it inside the referee generator for one month. And daily consumption of one spoonful of this prepared syrup continuously for a month will also remove the old frozen mucus from your lungs. Your smoker’s lungs will be detoxed for good. And you can optimize your lung health.