Health benefits of onion

Importance of onion

Onion is one of the oldest vegetables in the world. It is used to flavor food and thicken curries. Onions, when green, are very helpful in adding flavor to curries, egg omelettes and Chinese dishes, so no kitchen in the world is complete without onions. It is not possible, while peeling the onion, its water is enough in the eyes and it causes irritation and brings out tears.


Protect us from Leprosy and cholera in summer


If onion extract is applied to the bite of toxic conditions, it is very beneficial. They used to mix onion and salt with the bread and eat it with great enthusiasm. In this way, they were protected from both flu and cholera, and the full amount of dietary calories was also provided to these people, that’s why onions are still eaten in summer. It is considered to be a very important means of protection. In terms of effectiveness, onions are very hot. Eating onions with lemon juice, black pepper and salt is considered very useful.


Used to eliminate smell from refrigerator

It can also be benefited by massaging it in the case of acute diseases. Apart from this, if an onion is kept in the refrigerator, then the smell of other fruits in the refrigerator does not smell. Applying it on the soles of the feet will relieve the pain. On getting pricked by a thorn, if onion and jaggery are mixed and tied to that place, the thorn will come out automatically and the pain will be reduced a lot.



It is used as a pickle in vinegarĀ 

Apart from this, it is common to pickle onion in vinegar and eat it. Onion pickle removes anemia from the body and removes toxins from the body. For respiratory patients, drinking its extract in the morning brings relief in the disease. Applying onion extract on the face also removes blemishes. By drinking its extract for a period of about six months, stomach stones will also be significantly reduced. Eating onion with salt and vinegar also increases appetite. Onion is the best gift of summer and is very useful for human health, so we should take advantage of it as much as possible.