How do we get rid of pores on our skin with natural remedy?

How do we get rid of pores on our skin ?

The pores on our skin are small holes through which our skin can breathe and their job is to maintain the screen of sebum oil on our skin, due to which the level of moisture in the skin is also maintained and the skin is also dry. It does not happen, but if the size of the skin pores is small on our face, then they are not easily visible, but if their size increases, they not only reduce the beauty of our face, but also pimples due to large skin pores. Problems like acne occur because when the size of the open pores increases, they become blackheads due to the accumulation of pollution and bacteria.



What do we use ?

Face Pack

 To make this face pack you need lemon, curd, cucumber juice, tomato juice and Multani clay. To make it, take five spoons of curd in a bowl. Add five spoons of cucumber juice, five spoons of tomato juice and half a lemon juice for this. After that add seven to eight spoons of Multani clay powder and mix them well and make a paste of them. In this we have added most of the sour things. Because citrus fruits are more effective in removing enlarged skin pores and adding juice to them naturally tightens skin pores and improves skin texture.




The lactic acid in curd heals dirt, pollution and oily skin in open skin and its use does not cause wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Apply this face pack on your face and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. When it gets dry, wash your face with cold water. Apply it once a day and with continuous use, the problem of large and open pores will be cured.



Egg white 

Egg white makes your skin tight by making the egg white, so you can apply the egg white mask on your face before applying this face pack and you will get perfect results by using it once or twice. You will see the result. Skin pores also need to be tightened from the inside along with the things that are applied externally, so we need to include the things we eat in our routine so that it is healthy from the inside as well. can be



Green tea 

Green tea opens the pores and prevents them from increasing in size because it has benefits for our health in addition to the skin, so if you want to keep your skin young, you should drink two cups of green tea every day. can



Flax seeds

 Flax seeds keep the skin healthy because the acids present in it also destroy the skin, so you should eat a spoonful of flax seeds daily to keep you healthy from the inside. Thirdly, like our body seventy five percent is made up of water, so water is the most important thing to keep our skin fresh, wrinkle free and young. Stay young and glowing so don’t neglect the habit of drinking water at all.