How get rid of Joints and bones Pain?

Get rid of bone and joint pain

You can get rid of bone and joint pain in seven days. With the help of this home made balm. Apply it on the painful area before going to bed at night and wash it off in the morning. In a few days it will eliminate bone and joint pain. And it will also relieve you from swelling.



Ingredients we require to make remedy

Tez pata

For this we need six to seven Tez pata . Break these leaves into small pieces. The advantage of breaking them will be that the essential oil inside them will come out in a good way. These leaves only eliminate the pain. At the same time it is considered very useful for And are also quite useful for joint pain and swelling.



Rose mere leaves

You can easily get these leaves in dry form from any herbal store or grocery store or supermarket. But here we are using fresh. This plant is also an excellent remedy for bone and joint diseases and pain relief. Take about a big spoonful of its leaves. Clean them by washing them in water. After that, take a pan and add rosemary to it.




 Olive Oil.

Here we are opting for extra virgin olive oil. And for this you should take about a cup of olive oil. It fights against arthritis. By removing the weakness of your joints and bones, it also relieves swelling. For this, you should take one cup i.e. about two hundred grams of olive oil.



Method of making

To make it, you add a little water in a pan. And when this water starts to boil well. So put this pan inside it through a double boiling process. And reduce the temperature a little. And heat it on low flame for about twenty to twenty five minutes. After that you leave it to cool. All the natural compounds of all these ingredients will be added to this oil. Which will show quick effects in less time. After that, when it cools down well, take it out in any jar. And you can store it in the refrigerator or at room temperature for one to one and a half months.




How to use it?

This way your balm will be ready. If you apply it continuously for seven days. So the pain of your joints and bones will be completely gone. And within seven days you will see clear results. You apply it at night before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. Apart from joint and bone pain, it will also be very helpful in reducing swelling.