How to get rid of acidity?

What is acidity?

Due to the increase in the number of acids in our stomach, the problem of acidity gas and bad breath comes to light. The problem of acidity happens to people of all ages. Apart from this, acidity is produced due to stress due to eating more spicy foods, due to drinking cold drinks and irregular eating, it causes irritation in the stomach and chest, food cannot be digested properly, flatulence in the stomach. Gas problem and stomach ache often, all these problems are usually caused due to acidity. This disease is one of the most dangerous diseases for our digestion. are due to which stomach-related and more dangerous diseases arise, including ulcer disease



We should get rid of acidity by using these things

Final seeds and milk

Drinking fennel and milk together is very beneficial in acidity disease. Fennel not only improves our digestion. These are useful in getting rid of gas problem and acidity problem as well. And milk normalizes the number of dangerous acids. Milk is rich in calcium. Which reduces the acids in your stomach. To use it, put a spoonful of fennel in a glass of milk and boil it for five minutes. Then when it cools down you can drink it. You can be protected from acidity by drinking fennel and milk together. Do this continuously for a week.




The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger reduce acidity. Ginger has the ability to reduce the dangerous acids produced in the stomach, so grind a piece of ginger and extract its juice, then a Add a spoonful of ginger juice in a glass of water and use this water. By using this drink continuously, you can get rid of the problem of acidity.




Drinking a glass of buttermilk daily is very important for our health, it contains compounds that reduce the acidity in our body, besides the essential nutrients present in it, you will not suffer from constipation, gas problem and other stomach diseases. Drinking a glass of this drink every day is useful for keeping you safe from all these diseases. This drink is useful in eliminating acidity and gas problems quickly




 Eating cucumber daily in the form of salad is not only good for cleaning our blood, but cucumber also helps in removing toxins from our body and also eliminates stomach acids and causes dehydration in the body. It also removes the weakness caused by it, the nutrients in it normalize the acidity level in our body, so you should eat kheers daily in the form of Apart from this, if you make cucumber juice and drink it, you will see better results.



Cumin seeds 

 Cumin seeds are very useful to treat this. It also relieves you from stomach ache, stomach problem, gas problem and indigestion. For this, you should put half a spoonful of cumin in a glass of water and boil it for five minutes. After that, when it cools down, filter it and use it. Drinking this drink can get rid of the problem of acidity




 Cinnamon is very beneficial for our digestive health, it eliminates stomach gas and also relieves acidity, so you can add half spoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water and let it sit for five to seven minutes. After that you can filter it and use it. By using any one of these remedies you can get rid of the problem of acidity.



We should avoid these things in acidity

Eating tomatoes should also be avoided when there is acidity. Apart from this, use of sour fruits, chocolate, red made, carbonated drinks and drink coffee etc. to a minimum. All these things prove to be harmful in the problem of acidity. You can easily get rid of acidity in less time by using these home remedies as well as avoiding these things.