How to get rid of darkened knees & elbows

About dark elbows and knees 

There are many people who are worried about darkness and dark skin on elbows and knees but here are some very effective home remedies to remove this darkness. These remedies will lighten these dark areas and your original Will match the skin tone.



Remedy for dark elbows and knees 


 Mix half a spoonful of yogurt with one spoonful of apple cider vinegar and apply it on the affected area. And leave it on for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with water. Apple cider vinegar will unclog clogged skin pores. Yogurt will cleanse the skin, moisturizes the skin and also lightens the skin tone



Aloe Vera gel

You carefully extract the aloe Vera gel from the aloe Vera leaf and apply it on the affected dark area and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Aloe Vera makes your skin soft and glowing.



Blended lemon juice

 Make a paste by mixing the blended lemon juice with the inner pulp of the cucumber and the turmeric powder and apply it on the black spot and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Both pudding and lemon have lightning properties. are present and antibacterial properties are found in turmeric which also keep away from infection




 You can take small slices of a potato and rub them on the dark area. You can also apply the potato on sensitive skin like under arm because it has amazing properties.


Coconut oil

Every night before going to sleep, apply a little coconut oil on the dark area. Coconut oil will moisturize your skin and retain moisture in the skin, which is essential to manage skin dryness. Darkening of the skin can be caused by any specific location



Factors of  dark elbows and knees 


1    Genetic factors from aging, hormonal imbalance from spending too much time in the sun, and dry skin are also some tips that you can follow to prevent them from getting darker, such as drinking plenty of water to keep your body healthy. Stay hydrated and you will also be protected from dry skin



 2   Second, eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamin E, such as carrots, peaches, and almonds, and avoid resting on your knees and elbows for too long, and protect your skin from strong sunlight. It is not harmful at all, so there is no need to worry. Such changes happen as you grow up. So the advice for you is that there is no need to worry too much about it. God has given you a lot. Have made yourself beautiful, have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself and appreciate yourself