How we get white glowing skin?

Stress makes our skin dull

Don’t stress yourself. Because it has a very bad effect on the skin and you avoid stress. Drink plenty of water and use these household ingredients. Which will heal your skin naturally and make it healthy and glowing. So the first thing we will take for that



We use following things to get glowing skin

Raw milk

Milk contains AHA which removes dead skin cells. Cleans our skin. Now apply the raw milk well on your face with the help of cotton. Fifteen to twenty minutes, you should do something else. After that, wash the face with cold water. After that you will think that what you have done is that your skin has become so much clean.




 Curd is always inside your house. And always use thick curd. Curd, which is thick, acts as a moisturizer on our skin. And you can apply yogurt as normal. Or put a little honey in the curd. Add a little besan. And max out both the items as a pack. Beeswax keeps our skin away from dead skin cells, skin becomes wrinkle free, so we must use it and there is nothing in it that you have to buy from outside.




If you get pure honey, it is very best, if you want, add some drops of milk or olive oil and apply it on your face. On the scan, you will see that after a while, when you wash your face, your skin has a natural glow. Sometimes you can apply milk, sometimes you can apply curd or sometimes you can apply honey. If necessary, your skin will begin to heal and repair



Rose water

You can buy rose water from the market or you can easily make it at home. But it is even better if you use fresh rose water. Boil the rose leaves in hot water and filter the water in a spray bottle. And spray rose water on your face once or twice a day. It will give your skin a natural glow whenever you want during the day.



Aloe Vera.

We all know about aloe Vera that it is very beneficial for our skin. Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaf and add a little honey or milk to it and apply it as a pack for fifteen to twenty minutes and after you wash your face and go out. If you do, you will not get sunburn, but your skin will look glowing and beautiful



Ice cube.

Ice cubes are always present in our freezer. You can also use simple ice cubes, but if you want better results, you can make green tea ice cubes. And put these ice cubes in your cloth and massage them on your face in a circular motion. It also helps in reducing aging besides making your skin tight and beautiful.