Home remedy to root out joint and bone and increase immunity

Home remedy to root out joint and bone 

You can use this remedy to root out joint and bone pain and weakness. Today we will prepare a remedy that will also strengthen your immunity and also eliminate the pain in your joints and bones and also eliminate the weakness that comes with it.


Ingredients which we require to make remedy

1 Pumpkin seeds

 Pumpkin seeds contain a special mineral that strengthens your bones and that is zinc and it also protects you from osteoporosis. And the rest of the minerals are especially useful in the back pan




2 Sunflower seeds

For this you should take only fifty grams of bee seeds. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins, including vitamin EB1 and many other minerals that improve your bone health.



3 Flax seeds.

Flaxseed is considered to be very good for your digestion, weight loss and bone health. And for that, you have to take fifty grams of it. It will help you get rid of weak joints and bones.



4 Sesame seeds.

These healthy seeds are rich in selenium, magnesium, copper and potassium and are also very beneficial for your healthy bones. You have to take this also in the amount of fifty grams.



5 Prune.

It is extremely beneficial for your bone health. For this you should take only fifty grams of it. After that you have to cut it into small pieces. It is full of potassium and vitamin D. Which helps you get rid of stress and improves bone health



6 Honey 

About honey, you already know how beneficial it is for our overall health, but for this, if you use organic and good quality honey, then you will get more benefits for it, you will spend about three Take one hundred grams of honey



Method of prepare remedy and usage for joint pains

First of all, take a mixer and add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds and grind them into a powder, then add chopped potato pieces to it. They have to be maxed in a good way, you can also store it for about fifteen to twenty days, then you have to add honey to it and make a paste by maxing it in a better way. This ready mixture can be stored for fifteen to twenty days You should eat one spoon of it daily before breakfast, it will also strengthen your immunity and remove the weakness of your bones and also eliminate the pain in it and boost your bone health. I will help. So daily you can improve the health of your bones and remove the weakness by adopting this remedy.